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New Jersey's Clean Energy Future



There is no evidence that wind turbines impact human health, and wind farms are constructed to have minimal impact on migratory birds and mammals.


The average wind farm off of New Jersey’s shore is expected to create 4,300 jobs and add $702 million to the state’s economy.


New Jersey’s first offshore wind power is expected to come online as early as 2024.


New Jersey on a path toward the goal of producing 3,500 MW, powering 2 million homes with clean, local offshore wind power by 2030. 



Responsibly sited offshore wind will help New Jersey reach our clean energy goals and put people to work in family-sustaining jobs near our communities, leveraging New Jersey’s advantageous coastal wind patterns. 


With this in mind, the state has set a goal to produce 3,500 megawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030 and included the power source as a significant component of the state economic development plan.  The rapidly developing integration of offshore wind into our economy will continue to evolve.



Megawatts by 2030

2 Mil

Homes Powered by 2030


Jobs Expected to be Created


Million Economic Impact 


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