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Offshore Wind Videos

The Garden State is flourishing! Offshore wind is bringing new business, well-paid local jobs, and clean energy to New Jersey. Hear more from Drew Tompkins of @NJWEC and @JerseyRenews.

Clean energy is the biggest job creator across the US energy sector and can provide sustainable careers for thousands of New Jersey families. Learn more from Drew Tompkins of @NJWEC and @JerseyRenews. #OffshoreWind4NJ

Offshore wind is a win for New Jersey, bringing thousands of well-paying jobs to NJ families. Hear more from Drew Tompkins of @NJWEC and @JerseyRenews.

New Jersey can be a leader in fighting climate change through the development of offshore wind, creating a better world for future generations. Hear from @NWF's @AmberMHewett.

New Jersey fishermen like Capt. Paul Eidman (@Paulyfish) support offshore wind because it provides better wildlife habitats for ocean life.

The shorelines we know and love without the asthma-inducing pollution! Offshore wind can improve wildlife habitats, clean our air, and bring family sustaining jobs to New Jersey — all without changing the beauty of our shorelines. Learn more from @AmberMHewett of @NWF.

Leader with @EOPAmerica and Atlantic County Commissioner @carenfitzpatty shares how air pollution negatively impacts our most vulnerable neighbors the most, but offshore wind can help protect the health of all New Jersey residents.

Offshore wind isn't just good for beachfront communities, it’s also an investment in our health and the health of future generations. Learn more from @NJLCV's @edpotosnak.

Equitable energy advocate @marcusasibley (Chair for @njpeec) shares how justice means jobs for our communities, and offshore wind can provide thousands of them to New Jersey residents.

Carbon pollution is hurting New Jersey's communities of color. But equitable energy advocate @marcusasibley (Chair for @njpeec) explains how offshore wind can help better the health of those most impacted.

Over the next 25 years, offshore wind will generate more than $1.2B in economic growth, securing a positive, healthier future for New Jersey. Hear more from @NJLCV's @edpotosnak.

Offshore wind is unlocking jobs in New Jersey, revitalizing local economies and businesses. Learn more from @NJLCV's @edpotosnak.

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