Take Action- Sign Our Shorekeeper Pledge

Sign the Shorekeeper Pledge Today to Help Protect Our Shoreline and Homes From Extreme Flooding


To protect our homes and neighborhoods from sea level rise and extreme weather that we are already experiencing, we need to take action now. We need grants and funding to make sure our homes and infrastructure are safer and better prepared, and we want to make sure flood insurance helps us before a flood. If we don't act, we will continue to lose friends and family as they are forced out of their homes because of flooding or continue to get sick as we deal with pollution, mold, and stress at each storm or high tide.


That's why it is important that we reduce carbon emissions and expand renewable energy in our communities and work to mitigate the flooding we're seeing now. Offshore wind is an important step forward, and our communities need to be in the driver's seat, helping to plan its development each step of the way.