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Take Action- Sign Our Petition

Sign the Petition Today to Support Responsibly Developed Offshore Wind in NJ


We are already living with flooding and extreme weather - we need to act now to improve our infrastructure and transition to renewable energy like offshore wind power. We all want a state that’s cleaner, healthier, and more fair; offshore wind power helps us generate renewable energy without polluting our air and water. 

We want to make sure all New Jerseyans benefit from offshore wind and that New Jersey’s offshore wind is developed responsibly. I support responsibly developed offshore wind that benefits our environment and communities, including: 

- Community benefits and small business opportunities that strengthen our neighborhoods.
- Commitment to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and women-owned business enterprises 
- Engagement with underrepresented populations in workforce development and local hire provisions that lead to workforce opportunities 
- Creation of good family- supporting jobs with commitments such as project labor agreements, prevailing wage, and union neutrality agreements 
- Investment in a low-carbon domestic supply chain 
- Respectful coexistence with other ocean-users, including a guarantee of full access to offshore wind project sites once construction is complete. 
- Stringent wildlife protections and ongoing commitments to research and monitoring. 
- Robust stakeholder engagement ensuring that everyone has meaningful access to a seat at the table.

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